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To Chapin Fish of wm. Brockman Real Estate,  the Berkshires and western Massachusetts are in his roots and in his heart.  Chapin Fish, broker and partner of wm. Brockman Real Estate  has followed a path that has led him home to the Berkshires. That path was a circuitous one. Fish was born and raised in an old maritime village on eastern Long Island not all that long ago, but long enough that there were still peach farms that have since become sub-divisions and potato fields that became vineyards.  While in high school, he spent a year in Sweden and traveled throughout Europe. He earned a degree in Germanic  languages and International Business at Washington University in Saint Louis. Fish then embarked on simultaneous careers in the travel and airline industries, as well as that of a professional actor.  He was based in Washington D.C., southern California, and New York. In the process he spent time on six of the continents.   Over a decade ago Fish returned to his roots. He came home. Fifteen generations ago a Fish descendent lived in Salem. Fish remembers his Great Aunt Edwina then tracing the family to the Connecticut River Valley - to  Shutesbury and Amherst, where the family settled sometime before the American Revolution. It was also Aunt Ed who established the Fish connection to great - great -great- grandmother Polly Chapin, whose family was a founder of Springfield. Fish recognized that his experience in people -oriented businesses was a natural background for the real estate field.  So did Bill Brockman and the late Jack Jefferson, who in the early 1970s founded  wm. Brockman Real Estate. Over forty years later the company's reputation is that of one of the Berkshires' preeminent and most respected  real estate firms.  It was clear from the start of Fish's relationship with wm. Brockman Real Estate that he shared the company's values - its beliefs about work and about people.  That was reflected early in his career in the quality of the relationships he has with his clients, and as a top producer in the county.  As Bill Brockman phrased it, from when he began the company, he and Jack "were very conscientious, we didn't come from a 'sales' background; our backgrounds were people related and we have always been very mindful of people's wants.  Today, Chapin Fish and all of the Brockman team are still very good listeners - we hear what people have to say and I think we appreciate where they are coming from." Bill Brockman attributes the agency's success to its stability and its reputation over the years. "We have a commitment to our clients, our customers, our properties, our work,” Brockman says. And over the years, Chapin Fish, current president of the Berkshire County Board of Realtors, has continued to express and to act on the values and philosophy of wm. Brockman Real Estate.   Fish explains, “I choose to live in the Berkshires.  Why?  Quality of life. To live in a stunningly beautiful corner of New England, where the environment and the earth are valued. Life is without pretense, and bias seldom rears its head.  What I do each day is help people with the transitions in their Berkshire lives, and introduce newcomers to the amazingly high quality of life that is here for us to enjoy.  That’s exactly what all of us do and I am privileged to be able to work with such an exceptionally high caliber of people on our team.”   Of those living here in the Berkshires or looking to make it their home Fish says “There's an interesting, vital and diversified mix. They are what make the Berkshires so special.   There's an intellectual curiosity and an independent do-it-yourself attitude.  There's a beautiful wealth of personality and passion that both residents and visitors bring to the Berkshires.” Of the current real estate market, Fish said, “the market is very good and how our clients are buying real estate is evolving at lightning speed.  The challenge is to stay ahead of the technology curve and meld those technologies with doing business the old-fashioned way.  That is why we are currently completely re-designing our web site, introducing fresh content relevant to people buying, selling and living in the Berkshires, and investing in a slew of new technologies.  Yet at the end of the day it’s still about working as hard as you can every day, listening to people and caring about them and their needs. Most of our business comes from referrals.  People are very happy with the work we do for them.”   Fish concludes, “I am fortunate to be able to help people find new stewards for their homes as their lives evolve, and to help those looking for a house that can become their Berkshire home. I cannot imagine doing it in a more beautiful place, and to be able to work each day with a finer mentor, clients, colleagues, competitors and friends.”

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